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Please note: our calculater only gives you a price indication and not a binding price offer. Particularly the prices of flights can vary a lot, and other factors such as child reduction e.a. are not always calculated exactly with the calculator. But it does give you an idea of what to expect, and we will send you a definitive price offer with great pleasure, if you ask for one by using the "offer" button or sending us an e-mail.


The system that Nordic Travel uses for booking accommodation for your holiday in Iceland is quite simple.  We have four categories: SUPERIOR, HOTEL, GUESTHOUSE en SUMMERHOUSES. You select which type of accommodation you want, and we book it for you in all locations in Iceland where you stay during your trip. 


"Superior" accommodation means, that we book in each area the nicest and best hotels within reasonable limits.  Usually these are hotels, but sometimes they are farms which have a very special atmosphere.  But it is always accommodation of a good standard.  One hotel can be small and very personal, while another might be special because of magnificent surroundings and a third one could boast extra luxury.   In all these hotels, the rooms have a bathroom with shower (sometimes even a bath tub) and toilet.  There also usually is TV in the rooms.  In all hotels there is a restaurant or you will find a restaurant within walking distance, and the same is valid if you want a drink (f. Ex.: in the city centre of Reykjavík hotels do not always need their own bar or restaurant, because there might be one next door!).   Breakfast is always included and is a buffet.


In our normal "HOTEL" accommodation, you can expect all kinds of hotels.  There are “real” hotels that are open all year round, but there can also be schools with boarding houses that have been built for use as hotel during the summer.  Also, many farms have changed their focus to tourism, and some have re-built their sheds and stables into amazingly cosy and neat rooms, or they have built completely new wings with rooms.  Some guesthouses also offer rooms with shower and WC that can be just as good as rooms in “real” hotels.  What all accommodations have in common, within this class, is that the rooms have their own shower and WC.  Some also have TV and/or telephone in the rooms.  In all hotels it is possible to have dinner and drinks, usually in the hotel itself and in some cases in restaurants and bars very close by.  Breakfast is always included and it is a buffet.


For guesthouses, the same is true as for hotels: there are many different types.  Many of them are summer hotels, where boarding houses of schools are used.  There are also guesthouses that are open all year, there is private accommodation in people’s homes in villages and towns and there are farms where you can stay overnight.  The rooms in the guesthouses do not have private bathrooms, but of course there are bathrooms with showers and toilets in the corridors, which are shared with other guests.  The number of bathrooms varies from one guesthouse to another, so it can happen that you have to wait a little bit before a bathroom is free.  If you choose this type of accommodation, it can be handy to bring a morning gown.  Some of these rooms do have a wash basin, but this is not always the case.  Some guesthouses also have a kitchen where guests can cook their own meals.  Breakfast is always included and is almost always a buffet.



There are very many summerhouses and cottages in Iceland, and many privately owned summerhouses are rented out to guests.  There are also places where summerhouses have been built specifically for tourists.  Obviously, the summerhouses vary a lot, but there are some things they all have in common.  There always is a kitchen corner with a cooker and a refrigerator, and of course there are pots and pans, cutlery, dishes and glasses.    There always is a bathroom with shower and WC, and all summerhouses also have heating.  Some of them have their own “hot-pot” where you can relax in the hot water, but these are found mostly in the areas where there is a lot of hot water in the soil, which is used to provide all houses in that area with a hot water system.  There almost always is a TV, and a living room part with a couch or comfortable chairs. 

And of course there is a table and chairs for eating.  The size of the houses and the number of bedrooms varies a lot, and it depends on the number of passengers travelling together, how big the houses are that we book.  Usually there is at least one separate bedroom, and sometimes there are beds or a sleeping couch in the living room.  Other houses have an attic where you can sleep on mattresses, which can be great fun for children. 

There are houses with 1, 2, 3 and even 4 bedrooms, but there are very few houses with more than one double bed. In some houses, the bed linen is waiting for you on the spot, while for other houses you have to pick up the linen and the key code for the houses upon arrival in Iceland, and bring it with you during the trip.  You will always find detailed information about this in your itinerary.

So the principle is simple: you select which tour program you like and what kind of accommodation you wish, and we take care of it.  A combination of different types of accommodation in the same trip is also possible.  Here below you can see which types are available in which areas.   Obviously, we cannot always guarantee that the type of accommodation you have selected is always available in each area on the day you want to stay there, but often there are different options so in most cases we can confirm the category of your choice.

1 Keflavík airport-Blue Lagoon yes yes yes yes
2 Reykjavík yes yes yes yes
3 Hvalfjörður yes no no yes
4 Borgarfjörður yes yes yes yes
5 Munaðarnes no no no yes
6 Eldborg no no no yes
7 Zuid Snæfellsnes no yes no no
8 Snæfellsnes nationaal park yes yes yes yes
9 Stykkishólmur-Grundarfjörður yes yes yes yes
10 Búðardalur-Fellsströnd yes yes yes yes
11 Reykhólar no no yes no
12 Flatey no yes* yes* no
13 Flókalundur-Brjánslækur no yes yes no
14 Breiðavík-Patreksfjörður yes yes yes yes
15 Þingeyri no yes no yes
16 Suðureyri-Ísafjörður yes yes yes yes
17 Mjóifjörður-Reykjanes no yes yes no
18 Hólmavík no yes yes yes
19 Djúpavík no no yes no
20 Hrútafjörður no yes no no
21 Laugarbakki no yes yes yes
22 Blönduós no yes yes yes
23 Varmahlíð no yes yes yes
24 Sauðárkrókur-Hólar yes yes yes no
25 Siglufjörður-Ólafsvík-Dalvík no yes yes yes
26 Akureyri-Eyjafjörður yes yes yes yes
27 Mývatn yes yes yes yes
28 Húsavík yes yes yes yes
29 Ásbyrgi-Kópasker nei yes yes no
30 Raufarhöfn no yes no no
31 Þórshöfn-Langanes no yes yes no
32 Vopnafjörður no no yes yes
33 Grímsstaðir-Möðrudalur no no yes no
34 Borgarfjörður Eystri no yes yes no
35 Egilsstaðir-Seyðisfjörður-Neskaupstaður-Reyðarfjörður yes yes yes yes
36 Breiðdalsvík-Djúpivogur yes yes yes no
37 Höfn yes yes yes no
38 Jökulsárlón no yes yes no
39 Skaftafell-Hof yes yes yes no
40 Kirkjubæjarklaustur yes yes yes yes
41 Vík-Skógar-Eyjafjöll yes yes yes yes
42 Hella-Hvolsvöllur no yes yes yes
43 Hveragerði-Selfoss yes yes yes yes
44 Laugarvatn-Geysir-Gullfoss-Flúðir yes yes yes yes
45 Hrauneyjar-Þjórsárdalur yes yes yes yes


Our system for the prices for our accommodation is also very simple, making it easy to calculate the price for a trip.  We use average prices for single, double, triple and family rooms in SUPERIOR, HOTEL and GUESTHOUSE accommodation, and we have prices for SUMMERHOUSES for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 persons.  However, family rooms are not always available everywhere, and they often are booked long beforehand so we cannot guarantee a family room everywhere.  The same is valid for summerhouses for 7 persons, there are only very few of those!



There are hundreds of hotels in Iceland, and Nordic Travel has contracts with many of them, but not with all.  We try to stick as much as possible to licensed properties, so we know that everything is in good order.  Also we try to visit the hotels that we deal with in person, so we know what they look like and whether they have the standard we expect. We have contracts with the hotels that give us the best price/quality ratio and we take care to have enough hotels in each area, but not too many.   We want to use the hotels that we have a contract with as much as we can, so we can get the best prices.   This is why it is in principle NOT possible for our guests to choose their own hotels.  If you have special wishes, you can of course tell us and then we will try to book according to your wishes, but there are hotels with whom we simply have no contracts, or you might ask for a hotel which falls in a different category than what you have booked.  In that case, we can book the hotel in question, but for a different price.


If you would like to design your own trip, you can do so and tell us in which areas you would like to have your overnights, and in which category.  For people who have spent a holiday in Iceland earlier and want to come back, this can be a very handy option.  At the top of this page, under: HOW DOES THE ACCOMMODATION SYSTEM AT NORDIC TRAVEL WORK? You can see what types of accommodation are available in the different areas.


We always try to keep things as easy as possible, if you would like to book a trip.  The easier it is, the sooner things get done and the cheaper we can offer you a holiday in Iceland.  You can use our calculator to get an idea about the price for your dream trip, and if you are not certain you can ask us for an offer without any obligations for you.   If you can find exactly what you want, you can also fill out the booking form, which is quite easy.  Select your dates, the trip you like, the type of accommodation and the type of car you’d like to hire.  Add excursions if you like, and send the form to us.  If you ask for a price offer, you will receive an answer within two work days, and the same is valid if you send a booking: you will receive a confirmation or a message why we cannot confirm the trip (which does not happen often).  After we have confirmed your trip, we ask you to make a down payment of 10%, and the full amount must normally be paid 8 weeks before you depart to Iceland, after which we will send your travel documents to you.  



When your trip has been fully paid to us, we send you the following documentation:

  • A detailed itinerary in English, which mentions all your hotels with the name, address and telephone number, as well as a small map to show where the hotel is. Also, the itinerary contains texts to explain how you should drive, and what there is to see and to do on the way.
  • A booklet with vouchers for all services you have booked
  • Information about the car rental and driving
  • A receipt that your trip has been paid
  • A good map of Iceland or a Road book, and other necessary information



If children sleep in a room of their own, they pay the full price.
One child, age 0 to 5, sharing the room with the parents, is free of charge.
One child, age 6-11, sharing the room with the parents, gets a reduction of 50%.

  • When 2 adults and 2 children (6-11 years) share a room, we charge this as a triple room plus one child at 50% reduction.   If one of the children is not older than five years old, it is charged as a triple room and the youngest child is free of charge.
  • For 1 adult with 1 child (6-11 years), there is no reduction, because a double room is cheaper than a single room with an extra bed (at 50% of the price of a single room).   If the child is not older than 5 years, the adult pays for the single room and the child is free of charge


Iceland Complete
14 nights, May-September
Iceland Classic Circle
10 nights, 1 May – 30 September
Iceland's Fantastic Interior
7 nights, late June - late August
Winter: Relaxing in Iceland, Northern Lights
7 nights or more, October-April
Group tours: Bustours - Iceland Circle tour
7 nights, fixed dates
Iceland Complete
14 nights, May-September
Iceland Classic Circle
10 nights, 1 May – 30 September
Iceland's Fantastic Interior
7 nights, late June - late August
Winter: Relaxing in Iceland, Northern Lights
7 nights or more, October-April
Group tours: Bustours - Iceland Circle tour
7 nights, fixed dates